Keep on Truckin'

It appears that I've turned into one of those once a week (if that) bloggers. It's not as though I have a huge "following" of readers but I still feel bad for friends and family wondering if I'm ever going to post again! Sorry! Things are still rather busy and so I'll just post what I can, WHEN I can!

We've had several birthday parties, church meetings, volunteer meetings, volunteer commitments, prep for Robert's class starting this week, school stuff, work stuff, Ebay here and there, household chores, babysitting here and there, Sunday school meetings and SO much more I'm probably mentally blocking for sake of my sanity. All this while hobbling around on my immobilizer boot. Well...to be honest- it's an off and on (literally) kind of deal. After a week of hobbling around on my supposed sprained foot...I finally broke down after some SERIOUS peer pressure from co-workers and friends and spent Saturday last weekend in Urgent Care. My foot hadn't improved, the bruising had actually kept darkening a blackish/purplish color in just one area and it just plain out hurt! So they X-ray'd it and said I might have a hairline fracture underneath my pinky toe but I most definitely tore some tendons around the ankle. (IDIOT!!! ala Napoleon D.). So they put me in this totally HOT lookin' (SOOOO not)black velcro boot (you know. you've seen people gimpin' around on those bad boys before. tell me you're not jealous!). Nope. No slinky, knee high leather boots for Fall. No trendy slouchy pirate style boots for Fall. Just *a* boot. I'm just NOT feelin' it....are you with me?! The thing that sucks is that after lugging my leg around with this ugly monstrousity strapped on it- I feel like my hips are going to be dislocated and my LEFT foot hurts from compensating for the other! Talk about frustrating! And the doctor says I am supposed to wear this thing for 2 straight weeks and then go from there. He said I may have to wear it much longer than that. Pphsshaaawwww. Me thinks NOT. I've been alternating days wearing it to give the left foot a break. And yeah, this puts a SERIOUS damper on any kind of cardio exercise efforts. Pay me 20 bucks and I'll show you the most hilarious speed walker you've ever seen! Nah...I haven't tried it. yet. (HUGE sigh). VERY frustrating.

OK! I'm DONE griping! But there's the 411 on what's goin' DOWN ya'll.

This weekend we've run errands, picked out some new clothes and shoes (MUCH needed) for the hubster, done a ton of laundry, household chores, had a couple meetings for church stuff, have babysit for friends and then church tomorrow. We could really use a NO COMMITMENT weekend around here. Really,really,really. I'm feeling a little burnt out- but I think it's mostly because of my stupid foot dragging me down (again, literally).

One HAPPY thing that I'm kinda excited about...we were asked to help with the College age kids in our church. We'll be working with a couple we're already VERY good friends with and I just think it will be a great opportunity for us and this age group within our church. Very thankful and looking forward to it!

Just feeling very happy about what we're doing with our lives lately. I know I just griped about how busy we are- but most everything we're doing is fruitful in some way. For our children, for our community, for our church... it's a GOOD tired/burnt out feeling. Granted, I would love some down time here and there- but I'm just truly blessed and content in where I'm at right now. Also very thankful that my hubster feels the same way, or it would be very stressful right now.

We're good. The kidlets are good. Life is good.



Sue said...

I feel God moving in us in a big way right now!

Court said...

so glad to hear it. i've been wondering about you. wish i could say the same. we are busy but it feels like we are just spinning our wheels for nothing. YUCK.

Blessings dear friend


Christy said...

Hey chickie! Tried to post yesterday but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Weird... ANYWHO - good to hear from ya! I can totally relate to the business of everyday life (as you well know). Besides your poor, poor little footsie - which I am SO sorry to hear btw - sounds like you guys are doing so good and that makes me SO happy! Think of you DAILY and will write SOON! ((Hugs))

Christy said...
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Christy said...

Sorry 'bout the double post... experiencing some weird problems. Apparently your blog has something against me lately, lol! Anywho... LOVE YOU!!!