I Want a New LUNCHBOX!!!

So, school has started... you're packing the kidlets their lunch and already you're thinking "PB&J..AGAIN." But hey- it's fast, cheap and they LOVE eating them EVERYday... I can hardly stomach slathering them all up everyday, let alone EATING them but ANYwho...

I started thinking of FUN. YUMMY. EASY. What sorts of foods can be packed in a lunchbox that AREN'T the same everyday that have these qualities??? I found my answer while in the middle of a VERY late night jaunt through FLICKR. I swear, that place just sucks me in for hours!! And you can find pictures of ANYTHING. So I was looking around, admiring amazing moments captured and decided to do a search for lunchbox foods and LOOK what I found http://www.flickr.com/groups/laptop_lunches/pool/

You will begin to salivate almost IMMEDIATELY. And if you don't...well, I just don't know what's wrong with you! How could you be an aquaintance of MINE and not love it?! It's ok if you want to lick your screen when you get to the linked site...I will not judge. It'll be our little secret!

Now I have GREAT ideas for my kidlets *AND* I'm just thinking a nifty laptop lunchbox is just what { I } need as my new work accessory! Nifty, yes?!


Christy said...

Oooh, yeah! I'm totally salivatin' here, lol! Looks yummy to me although I can't say if Maddie would eat most of those things... that girl is SO picky! I love the actual lunch box they're packing with... COOLNESS! I let Maddie do hot lunch twice a week and the rest of the days I mix it up with Pb&j, tuna (her fave), cold chicken nuggests (I know, gross - don't ask) and lunchables. Hope you guys are enjoying a fun, relaxing weekend sweets! Ken and I have been sick all weekend... BLECH!

Christy said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE that cutie photo of you! You are SO photogenic and SO cute sportin' your polkie headband/scarf... love it! Need to get me somma dose. Forgot where you said to look for 'em at. Have to go back and check your e-mail. :) Love ya!