AUF to the AUDI

WHAT a day I've had today! No issues in the morning. In fact, it was nice. Robert took the kidlets to school this morning to give me a few extra minutes to get ready for work. Then we met up at Starbucks for a quick morning coffee date! We saw one of our pastors and HIS wife there too- had a little chat..it was nice! And, I just KNOW you're wondering what I ordered...Pumpkin Spice Latte of course! YUM! Then I get to work- stay busy- a nice pace... before I know it, it's time to head home! So I leave, enjoying the smell of rain in the air-- get onto the freeway and it began to POUR rain, and about halfway home, my car just COMPLETELY loses power. Nothing. Nada. Nyit. Zippo. Zilch. Everything stiffened up (power steering,brakes,etc.) and I coasted to the shoulder. Turned it off all the way and tried to restart it and NOTHING. I had *10* minutes to get to the school to pick the kids up. And not only MY kids, but the two I babysit in the afternoon. NICE.
Thank goodness I had my cell! Radio'd Robert and he headed out to get me and check things out. Then called the school and explained the situation- they were totally kind and sweet! Robert had quickly phoned a buddy and the buddy arranged for a tow truck to take my car to "buddy"'s business to have his onsite mechanic take a looksee. THANK HEAVENS for good friends!!!! Robert got there quickly and was only there a few minutes before the tow truck showed. I took Robert's car and picked the kids up at school with profuse thank you's and explanations to friends wondering what was going on. lol. Headed home and proceeded to have to steam clean Josie's room since Pepper decided to go poop ALL OVER and STEP IN IT and SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE. Threw away a few Barbie clothes that were hit, threw apologies Josie's way for that and hopped to the task at hand. GROSS. But very satisfying to have a nice clean carpet in there when I was done! Decided to go ahead and do the hallway too.

Robert called with periodic updates from the shop-- it might be the fuel pump. Maybe. Could be relay somethingerother...yes. I *am* car saavvy. notsomuch. lol. They ordered a part that won't get here until Wednesday but Robert is running all over on Friday trying to find a part locally so we can get the whole situation dealt with NOW vs. waiting. Bless his heart... so I MAY have to do some coordinating with Robert for school, work,etc. for next week. Or maybe not. We'll see. BLEH. SO annoying and my stomach is just in knots over the whole thing. Stresses me out a bit. I know it'll get sorted out but it just zaps you, you know?!

Project Runway last night...WOWZA!!!
First, Laura is SOOOO hormonal! I almost feel sorry for her! lol
Bringing Vincent and Angela back was just PAINFUL. It was beyond apparent that everyone was NOT happy about that. BUT, they got quickly AUF'd at the end with good ol' boy Kayne. Poor Kayne...king of whitetrash couture...lol. He really IS already in his element with his evening dresses and pageant gown business. He does tacky REALLY,REALLY well. Oooh, and howzabout the guest designer Zac Posen?!!? Love him! Their cocktail gowns were ok... of course Michael ROCKED it. Not like Jeffrey's "rock'd" though. Jeffrey needs to get past the rock and roll and show his talent in other areas of fashion. He's shown that he's got the punk rock thing goin' on...we already know that. Show me more!! Laura's= big yawn. I thought it was designed well but boring. MUCH better than her mime costume last week though. oy. Uli=same ol',same ol'...She also needs to show some diversity in style beyond Miami. Did you hear Michael's imitation of her?!? HILARIOUS!
Vincent and Angela's...must I even COMMENT?! Disasters. Laughable.

All in all- I think Michael has got this in the bag. Unless he totally chokes...which previews of next week hint at! Eek! I don't want Jeffrey to get it simply because his attitude STINKS. He's talented but full of himself. Ok,ok...you poor non-PR people reading this...lol.

Keeping SUPER busy!! Tonite is the first night I'm home with nothing scheduled! WHEEEE! Maybe I'll get some scrappin' done! Here's to hopin'....

Other things going on in the Freeman household right now...
Volunteering at the new church- working to get it ready for our first Sunday THIS coming Sunday!!! SO exciting! Working on the decorating committee for the upcoming Pregnancy Alternative Center Fundraiser dinner. Teaching Sunday school. Ebay. Getting Swimming Lessons set up for the kidlets. Laundry. Dishes. Laundry. Dishes. Robert is prepping/studying for his upcoming class he's teaching at church. Babysitting after school. Doctor appointments. Cleaning up flower beds to prep for Fall. And so on and so forth. Busy,busy and enjoying MOST every minute! lol.

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
— Oscar Wilde


C said...

I think that might have been the single greatest episode of Project Runway ever. The look on Heidi Klum's face when some of that stuff cme down the runway was really just priceless.

Christy said...

Hooray for Pumpkin Spice Lattes at SB (LOVE those)... boo for broken down vehicles and doggie poo! Man, what a day YOU had you poor, poor girl! I'm so sorry. Hope today was better for you and you get your car back SOON! Love you and I'll write soon! :)