Gimpy's Adventures

WHo's Gimpy?! Well that's ME, of course!
You see, as if Thursday's chain of events weren't enough...
On Friday my sister came down from Portland with her two boys to visit. The kids and I couldn't WAIT for them to get here! The morning drug by so slowly.... but they got here, we sat down and visited and cooed over baby J. He's SO cute!! Very much his own little being. I'm really curious to see who he most favors because right now I'm not seeing Kate OR Chris there! lol. ANYwho... I was curled up on the couch for quite some time, next to Kate and baby J, and Pepper (our Pug) decided to try and grab some sort of baby item on the floor- so I jumped up to shoo him away and didn't realize my foot was completely asleep. So as I put all my weight on my foot I heard loud cracking/popping and I fell on the floor! Nice!! It hurt like crazy but it didn't really swell and I could put some weight on it- so I figured it wasn't broken anywhere. But as the day wore on it became more and more painful. That night, I went out with my girlfriend Jocelyn, and before we left for our evening out- we went out and picked up some Chinese food and soda for the boys and kids. Everytime I had to get in/out of the car or walk around I limped more, and More and MORE! I felt SO stupid!!! lol.

It's still hurting but not quite as much as last night. I didn't sleep well though--so tonite we're picking up some Tylenol PM to help me out a bit. Tomorrow's Sunday School time should be an adventure~ eek! A group of 4-5yr olds and ME with a gimpy foot. It's got a slight bruise across the top of my foot, but again- not really any swelling- just a teensy bit of puffiness. Just basically a painful annoyance!!

SO! Last night- I did have a nice evening! It was nice to spend time with Joc and just TALK and eat good food and talk some MORE. Then we went to a late show of THE BLACK DAHLIA. I didn't know what to expect really-- I knew what it was about but still...it just looked different. And it was. Joc said it well-- she said it was very DICK TRACY. Very true- as far as the acting- it WAS. Kinda campy, melodramatic. But overall- I hated it. I don't typically mind graphic reinactments ( I watch ALOT of forensic style shows- reality style and CSI,etc.) but this just really bothered me. Very graphic. And just many sexual scenes that weren't necessary- but of course, they played ALL that up as much as possible. I was annoyed that I didn't know more about that before paying full price- lining the pockets of the people who made this picture. It just REALLY bothered me. So- if you don't particularly enjoy graphic scenes of violence, murder or extensive lesbian scenes- then just pass it on by, 'k?? Ick. 'nuff said. Gimpy gives it TWO thumbs down!!

Today- we went to pick up my car. It's fixed!!! YAY! Apparently it was a bad fuel pump. Robert spent all day Friday traipsing all over looking for a replacement, which he ended up having to take out of a junkyard car and then got it into mine. My hubster rocks!!!! It's SUCH a relief to know I can drive to work on Monday. WHEW!

Right now he's down at the church prepping materials for the Evolution vs. Creation classes he's going to be teaching this Fall. I'm excited for him- this is something he's so passionate about. And he's just absorbed all this amazing information to pass on to others in our church- to educate and inform us biblically. Scientifically. Logically. It's going to be REALLY cool.

And me?! The Gimp-meister is pecking away at the computer and soon to limp into the kitchen and pour herself a cup o' joe (I made my OWN Pumpkin Spice coffee blend this morning by sprinkling some Pumpkin Pie Spice by McCormick into the coffee grounds before brewing. Then a teensy bit of Vanilla Creamer and YUM. Maybe not quite Starbucks but very good!).


autum said...

Hope your foot is feeling better soon Gimpy. Your story sounds like something that happened at my house earlier this week. My daughter and my husband were both watching tv and fell asleep, each on a different couch. The phone rang startling my husband. He grabbed the phone but his arm and hand were asleep so he dropped it, my daughter jumped up to grab it and her legs were asleep and she fell to the floor. I don't know if they ever answered the phone.
Thanks for the heads up about the movie.

Christy said...

Hey there gimpy girl! Your lil' shpeel (sp?) sounds SO painful... you poor girl! Hope it heals soon. I so badly wanted to go see that movie but now I'm SO glad I didn't. You know me and my low tolerance of graphic type schtuff, not to mention lesbo scenes. Double YUCK! So, so, SO happy you got your car working again! That was fast! YAY! Homemade Pumkin Spice Lates - YUM! I think I've had a grand total of 4 just this past week alone (that's alot for me). SO not good for the ol' hips/thighs/gut, lol! Ah well. I'll put off my diet till AFTER the holidays when they don't make 'em anymore. HA! Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlie... and be sure to put that foot up and REST you busy girl. Love you and miss you MUCHO! :)