Catch Up

Sorry it's been a while....AGAIN. STill trying to get everything balanced and it's definitely NOT an overnight accomplishment! Things are good though! Keeping VERY busy- but enjoying most all aspects. Work is..work! Training, learning, enjoying a new field and challenge. DEFINITELY enjoying the additional paycheck! A great blessing to us!

The kidlets started school on Tuesday. It's always a bittersweet time for me. I love the excitement, the thrill of buying new supplies and school clothes, new teachers, new rooms, seeing them learn and just soak up information like little sponges...BUT I miss hanging out with my kids. Summer activities were pretty slim this year with all the health hub-bub in our family, but we still had fun. Just hanging- being together. Garage sales (OF COURSE!), thrifting, playing in the yard, riding bikes, taking walks to get the mail, lego fortresses, BBQ's in the backyard. Good times.

SO! Matthew is a BIG TIME 1st grader now! Can't believe it... I don't FEEL old enough to have a 1st grader..?!? ANYwho...he's totally diggin' it. Loves his teacher, loves being in the same class as his buddies and cousin. I hope this year brings him out of his shell a little more. At home he's a CRAZY dude- but at school he's very quiet and gets embarassed with a lot of attention. I just want the little man to be comfortable in his own skin and enjoy school and not feel so self-conscious and shy. Josie is the exact OPPOSITE. She's just OUT THERE- "here I am, take it or leave it". lol. The drama queen, the one who wants to be in charge, the cheerleader,etc. THAT is Josie. lol.

I have a couple more pics and hopefully the four I posted will show up-- BLOGGER is acting finicky and odd....arrggg. My kids are completely camera shy lately- so no SUPER pics but the moment was captured nonetheless!

As for scrappin... I did a bit last week! Felt SO good! Tomorrow night I get to scrap some MORE with a girlfriend! Cannot WAIT! She'll bring her hubby and kiddos over and we're going to eat some savory rib-eyes and the works, let the kids run amuk and the guys can do whatever! WE are scrappin'!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Here's a few of my latest pages...

Again...I have a couple more but BLOGGER is being WEIRD!!!! No matter how many times I try it won't let me upload anymore photos after a certain point. VERY frustrating! Don't they realize I'm trying to cover alot of ground being the blog-slacker I am?!?! Sheesh!

Ok--moving on. How'd my PR groupies like last nights show??? I was SO tired last night but I was determined not to miss it! It was a so-so episode. Not too exciting. HOWEVER, Mr. LooneyToonGoon Vincent had to say BUH-BYE last night!! If a designer talks about every design as one that "get's me(him) off" then he just needs to hit the road. BLECH. He just gave me the heebyjeebies! I loved Jeffrey's (punk guy's name,right?! I can NEVER remember his name!!) dress..very innovative compared to the others. Michael- good intentions but if he would've tucked those crazy wing things on the chest down like they suggested during judging it would've been MUCH better. Still- great effort but the result was a bomb. Uli's dress was just another Uli dress...I'm getting a little bored with it even though she's talented and they're nice dresses. Can't wait for next week! My tv wigged out right at the end where they preview the next weeks challenge a bit- so I missed that. From what I hear it includes Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Not sure what to think about that. AND there was a preview for season two of TOP CHEF! Can't wait for that!! I loved the first season- much more than I thought I would!

Sunday School starts fresh next week. I'm looking forward to it! I got put in charge of the 4-5 year old class, so I'm looking for teachers to cover lessons and stuff, alternating with me so I don't get burnt out doing it myself ALL year. It's a new format and we're incorporating a kids only worship time, etc. so it'll be really fun and exciting for the kids.

Creatively my mind has been working but I just haven't had the time to do anything. That's one reason I'm looking forward to tomorrow night..need to "vent" some creativity!!! I got a FANTASTIC idea for a journal- now I just need to see about making it HAPPEN. VERY excited about it though. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I think I've rambled long enough. I'll try and update a little more regularly. Things are coming together and looking up!!!


"If you let your Imagination go...Does it Return?"
(saw this in a recent Kenneth Cole ad...thought it was fun!)


autum said...

The pictures of Matthew and Josie are precious. They look so sweet ready for the first day of school. My cable provider doesn't carry Bravo so I can't watch PR. I watched it twice when we were on vacation and loved it.

McKenna's Blog said...

The pictures are beautiful.. Treasure them always...Michelle

Christy said...

Awww, I feel your pain girlie... so exciting and heartbreaking all at once. Those pics of Matthew and Josie are so sweet! Such gorgeous babies the two of you make... you should have another... yep, me thinks so! ;) Man, Josie is almost as tall as her older bro' looks like. She sure has sprouted since the last time I've seen her. LOVE her lil' pink shoes! Cuteness! Hooray for having a girls scrappy night - SO FUN! Hope you get LOTS of pages done! Have a WONDERFUL weekend and I'll e-mail soon! Love you!