My boys.

Matthew has been coming home from school, getting his homework done, then working on his stop-motion videos. He's OBSESSED. Thus, the living room is always full of wooden blocks, legos, Star Wars figures, playdough and anything else he thinks will be suitable. It's actually very interesting to watch him working on these. He puts so much thought and detail into every scene. And then moves things just inches, adds something here or there and takes another shot. This process goes on for hours and hours until it's time to get ready to read and go to bed. 

Typically the dogs stay out of his way- but they have their moments where they get a little too playful and tear through the "work area" and our usually quiet boy will make gutteral noises of frustration and anger..and that's when one or both pugsters get tossed into the crate for a while. USUALLY the younger of the two. He could take a few pointers from the other..who is usually content to curl up next to the boy and wait for the occasional hug or pet between takes. 






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pakosta said...

My girls do stop motion videos with their American Girl dolls EVERY single day! so fun!