January 15, 2011

I've had multiple inquiries and requests as to WHEN I'm going to update this thing. WHY I'm not posting anymore. WHERE are all my pictures?! Well....I just haven't felt like posting! I didn't feel like I had anything worthy of posting..not much to say. Not many pics outside of my kids, etc. But I think with 2011, I will post whatever, whenever, however. Good, bad, bland...

SO... 2011 finds us very much in the same position as 2010. Some parts of it good, some not so much.

* The kids are LOVING school. Their grades are excellent, have good friends, love their teachers & campus.
* I'm thrilled that they are in school but I miss them during the day!
* I'm still looking for a job that will allow me to work while the kids are in school but be able to pick up them
   from school and be home with them in the afternoon/evenings. Between this economy and those time
   constraints, I haven't had much luck as of yet. I know something will turn up though! Just a matter of time
   and patience!
* Still listing on Ebay..not very consistently but I'm getting back at it.
* Still learning & LOVING photography. My goal for 2011 is to get my branding and marketing together
   and revamp my portfolio. Already in the works and I'm SO excited!
* REdiscovering that life is messy, full of hiccups and second chances but worth every effort.
* Realizing that I've come into my own and I need to not be afraid of that or what others think of that.
* Still need to find a good church home. Miss that fellowship and weekly affirmation of faith.
* A billion other things that I can't think of right now!

And here are a few pics that depict my days to an extent..
...the daily TO DO list. I'm obsessed with my lists. They make me happy and keep me in line (usually). And that's my camera cord, usually laying closeby to download whatever is on my camera.


The dining room table- always full of signs of life and disarray. Cups and plates not cleared as they should be, paper and writing/coloring utensils, games on the side table, fruit within easy reach for snacking... I should take a pic of the table at the same time, every day for a year... I wonder how different the pic would look?! Hmmm.... I've never tackled a 365 challenge. Maybe a thought for next year.


I drop off and pick up the kiddos most every day...it usually involves sitting in the car, in a long line, waiting to creep toward the entrance where they wait with their teachers. I usually take a magazine or a book but this last week, I've taken to calling my bff everyday to chat for a few minutes. She's usually sitting in HER car waiting in a line for HER kids, just 45 minutes away or so.. it's nice to just see how her day was and hear her voice. We're silly for not chatting more. But she gets me. She knows I'm not a phone girl for one, AND well. She just gets me and loves me anyway. And vice versa. *laugh*


And...at the end of the evening. I'm usually sitting on the couch, curled up with my laptop- checking in on Facebook (hopelessly addicted. I love that I can connect with so many people via this avenue), email, Ebay, cruising blogs, editing pics,etc.etc. These evening hours after the kids have gone to bed usually include a snack and some tv or Netflix too. As for what was in that bowl.... well. It COULD have been ice cream. Or it COULD have been nonfat Greek yogurt with a few almonds..but usually that's what I start my day with, not END it with. So I'll admit. It WAS ice cream. And it was GOOOOOOD.


More tomorrow! (..well, don't hold your breath. But don't faint when a new post shows up tomorrow either!)



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"m" said...

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
love seeing glimpses of your day,
love you so much,
m xoxo