It's been a dreary couple of days....just torrential downpour to drizzle..then back to downpour again. Lots of flooding going on here in the PacNW. Fortunately we aren't seeing much of that. Just wet pant legs everytime we go outside. Between the wind & the rain- your chances of getting damp are pretty high, unless you have a rain slicker that goes head to toe, literally. And we don't. I have to admit...we don't even have an umbrella! We have rain coats but the one umbrella we had broke and we never replaced it! We're just hardcore like that....don't need no stinkin' umbrellas!!

With this weather we've been tucked inside, cozying up together on the couch under blankets & quilts. Lots of movies, games, reading, being on the computer (games, blog surfing,etc). I cringe when it's time to take the dogs outside..it's such an unpleasant interruption and having to walk them in this wet mess is just NO FUN (whine). The "taking the chill off" part isn't so bad though... lots of hot coffee or tea & a quilt do the job nicely.

Food like this is commonplace around here. Chili is a family favorite. This week, I welcome it heartily!


We watched the Golden Globes together the other evening. Boy, Ricky Gervais was a big disappointment. I always anticipate a bit of cheeky banter that borders that "fine line" between funny and crude, but he was just WAY beyond that. I didn't hear much laughter from the audience either. I hope he doesn't host for a third year, or we may not watch next year. I thought the standing ovation for Michael Douglas was lovely and Robert DeNiro's award speech was..odd.


And this is just one last gratuitous picture. Of Colin Firth...see him? He's there..look hard.  It's the best I could do at capturing a pic of HIM. And it WAS him I was going after. I.. swear.......(sigh) ok. ok. I've had an on again/off again crush on Mr. Depp since 21 JUMPSTREET. The last few years I haven't found him especially handsome but there are moments still, I guess (apparently).


And with that final bit of deep, meaningful information.... I sign off!



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