So... I'm pretty much out of the funk but my toes are still dangling over...grazing the "muck" on a daily basis.
I *know* it's just something to grow from. A test of sorts. Each trial is a test of faith and trust. Testing my understanding and acceptance that I am not the one ultimately in control. Testing my heart and mind- realigning to be God-centered. My hands are on the wheel but I can't steer completely on my own. This "road trip" is TIRED. OLD. I soooo want it to be over.

But I'm TIRED of driving!!! Not just trying to steer- but just being in the driver seat.
I need a rest area STAT, ok?? Someone else can take a turn.

Whining session #2 officially complete.


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Christy said...

Hey Sweetie! Hope all is looking up for you. I'm here for you whenever you need me. Call. Write. Email... whatever!!!