More Books!!!

A quick post about more book love today!
We did some running around this morning- including a quick stop in a thrift store. I scored some great books for the kids and my vintage collection that's growing rapidly!
Also found some EVERYDAY FOOD mags that I don't have yet--earlier editions, so I snagged those for 30cents each.

The first two pics are books I found thrifting today... LOVED Martha's House. We used to have that book at home and i remember loving every room in little Martha's house. The second book, Ask Mr.Bear, is one I've been wanting for a long time. I ADORE the illustrations. The copy I discovered today has some wear/tear to the cover but otherwise in great shape. Not too shabby for 10cents!!

Here are books we're reading or have just finished...
Jon Katz writes about his little farm, the animals he aquires... it's a nice way to unwind before drifting off to sleep...reading about his little farm.

Haven't started this one yet but it's next on the pile. Looks like it should be good.

WOW. A girlfriend told me about this book and I just remembered to check it out at the library. I'm only a few chapters in and feel like I should tell EVERYONE I KNOW to read this at least once!!! There's a BOUNDARIES for CHILDREN as well, which I'd love to read.

Matthew read this to Josie today-- they enjoyed the illustrations.

Just wrapped up this short chapter book. I'll read to the kids while they eat lunch usually...this was the latest! The kids are eager to get book 2: Mercy Watson Goes For A Ride.
Ok... that's about it for today.
Still need to do a quick review with the kids for AWANA's tonite.
Hope you all had a wonderful day.
Our weather was GLORIOUSLY sunny but COLD!!!!!

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Christy said...

You inspire me girl. It's because of YOU, that I actually picked up a book the other day and I'm already 10 chapters into it. Can you believe it? Me neither... I probably just jinxed myself, lol! You are such a fab, fab mama and that's one of the things I heart most about you. Reading to your kiddos at lunch... LOVE!!! And I hear "Bounderies" is excellent! A girlfriend of mine STRONGLY encouraged me to read it... apparently I have a problem telling people NO. Lol! Love you sweets! Thanks for inspiring me so. ;)