Ok God. i get it...

so i'm in a bit of a funk.
i woke up that way.
it's partially hormone driven perhaps. but i could just use that as an excuse too...
i'm not mad.
i'm not depressed.
but i'm in funk and just want to wallow in the "bleh..sigh...bleh" of it all.

and then i open my email.
4 new messages...
hmmm. that's funny. they're all my subscription bible devotions and encouragement sites...

i'm tempted to just click the "delete" next to all of them and move on without reading.

afterall, i've got a lot on my plate today. like always. hrmph.
but i open the first one. hmmmm. a message to walk through the "mire" of life with God.
nice. i feel a little convicted for almost deleting it. i feel an invisible "thump" on the top of my head... God flicking me lovingly with His almighty finger.
here's a clip of it...

..Many of my friends would trade my "rains" for their Valley of Weeping. Their lives hold divorce, illness, death---myriads of places of sorrows. God doesn't promise us a trouble- free life, but He does say that Valleys of Weeping will eventually become pools of blessing. We choose our attitudes. We can decide to trust Him during the difficult seasons or we can bury ourselves in bitter self-pity.
Psalm 27:14, "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord" (NIV).

i open the second email. the title says "Endure Everything With Patience".
yep. It's reading Colossians 1:1-14...

alright God.
i get it.
i just need that thump on the head now and again to set me back on the right path.



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