Friday Fluff.

Not a lot going on today.
Rather nice.
The weather is TERRIBLE! Very windy w/heavy rain.

We're tucked in the house, playing quietly.
Kept school casual... we did some copywork, review of History lesson & some Math drills.
Later today Josie has a birthday party to go to and I'm having an evening out with Joc.
Good times for the girls in the house!

Here's the fluff... have you seen the new Crewcuts Spring items from J.Crew (their kids line)?

SOOOO cute. Late,late,late last night I took a break from Ebay and did a bit of "window" shopping for my kidlets...

This jersey dress...is that bodice adorable or what?!

The dress below reminds me of 50s housedresses/shirtdresses... lovely, simple.

This one is difficult to see on the white background but it's SO sweet. The little details just MAKE IT.

And these little wellies... could you GET any CUTER?!?

Another shirtdress with a bit of fancying up-frills. LOVE IT.

And this glorious, green wonder. I'm in love again... that neckline & pockets...happiness.

Now a few pieces for Matthew... He appreciates ties. I LOVE that he enjoys wearing ties. Especially because he looks fantastically hip when he wears them... a button down shirt with his little sleeves rolled up haphazardly, untucked.... He's a handsome kid, what can I say?

A cool henley style pullover sweatshirt... love the stripes.

He has a few pair of patchwork shorts already- but I'm a sucker for them. So what the heck...here's a new pair.

Alright.... enough already.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Christy said...

The new Crewcuts spring line is positively ADORABLE!!! Especially digging that lil' green number... does it come in our size? Lol!