I grew that! kinda.

So who DOESN'T know about PINTEREST by now, right? Everybody is pinning these days- it's just too darn fun! 

Well- I saw where someone had posted something about growing your own onions in your kitchen. Maybe I'm alone on this one, but I have never heard of this. You take green onions that have been cut down to the white portion- place them in a little water with a little light and VOILA! They start growing again! Constant supply! I had to try it.

I wish I would've taken pics of the onions cut all the way down to the whites but if you look closely you can see where the new growth stems from. This is 4 days after placing the onions, cut down to the white part, in water.


Elapsed time...waiting for them to do their thang....cue pictures of fruit...



Now here they are 2 days later! Growing like crazy! The kids and I found this fascinating. We chopped them up and let them grow again but the second regrowth wasn't as crunchy or green. Then again, we didn't have a whole lot of sunshine that week either so that could be the culprit.


Posting this was much more approachable than trying to wade through pictures from the last 3 months including Christmas, birthday parties, basketball games.etc and decide what to post or not. whew! That's what I get for being so behind. And loving onions so much.

Now go forth & grow your own!



****** "M" said...

Cool! you had better luck than I did last month! I think my originals were cut down too far, so I just got yucky slimey water. I'll have to try it again sometime.

Dot said...

How amazing is that? I've got to try this! (Loved your version of time elapse). Thanks for posting again--your Thanksgiving thankfulness lasted a loooong time!

pakosta said...

that's so COOL~ but i really really miss your blogging, so get going through those last 3 months of pix PLEASE!

heartchild said...

I love this idea and I am so trying it this week. Thanks and I am in love with Pinterest. :-)