This Last Week...

Valentine's Day- the first year that Matt didn't take anything to school to share with the class..a little sad for me to realize that he's at that stage of life in school. No class party to take treats for, or Valentine's boxes brought home stuffed to the brim with sugar shock & goofy valentines. Josie is only a couple years behind him.

I still delivered balloons and candy to the kids as a surprise- and they loved it. I double checked the "coolness/embarassment" factor with other middle school moms and staff to make sure I wasn't humiliating Matthew! We're in that very delicate stage where it's suddenly uncertain what is cool and acceptable from parental units and what is NOT. Fun stuff. 



My reading enjoyment this week. Re-reading Hunger Games so I can get through the series before the movie comes out. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing it- and I hope they do the series justice. Matthew is reading it as well and loving it.


Since I've already read it once, I'm cruising through it faster than the first time. So I'm reading this as well. Very interesting, very good. Thought provoking. I'm enjoying it but can't wait to finish it because I have another good book waiting to be read after it! LOVE when I have a good run of GOOD books to savor.


Still loving my coffee but drinking only one or two cups a day vs. a pot by myself! So I've been drinking lots of water and tea. These are my current favorites. The green tea is WONDERFUL. Sleepytime is perfect while I'm reading before bed..very soothing.


Pretty Pink Lady apples. The kids don't favor them much- they prefer sour apples (actually I do too, but these are good too).


My Pandora has been on this 80s retro station every night when I get home from work. Gets me through my dishes and laundry and dinner prep with a little more pep in my step.


That's all for now, my lovelies. Not much but so you know I'm still around. I'll post past pics from Christmas,etc. soon. (promises, promises).



Dot said...

Silly me!!! I thought "retro" refered to the '70's and prior. Guess I'm dating myself! So good to know what your days are looking like--thanks for posting.

Sarah said...

When the kids are wearing fashion from your youth, I suppose that officially classifies you as old. I balk at that but the evidence of my "vintage charm" is made evident everytime I go to the kids' school!!

pakosta said...

I LOVE and miss your posts!
keep em' coming FASTER!