There's a quiet coziness to our days.

Christmas is over.

We're nestled into our abode- a strict dress code of "loungewear" (aka Pj's)and socks.

New toys being played with. Leftover holiday food & sweets being casually consumed.

In the process of removing all of the Christmas decor- lovingy being tucked away for another year. And, of course, as with every year...

Thoughts of organization, fitness & creative aspirations are mulled over. I won't make a Resolution List. I'm much more successful when I keep these goals to myself.

Our weather has been blustery the last few days. Cold and windy with heavy rainfall. All the snow and ice is but a memory now! I admit, I've had my fill of white Winter days. Rain and wind is just dandy!

Much planning in progress... I have Sunday school lessons to plan, final preparations for the Creation Conference we're holding at church in a few weeks, VBS for Summer. Reviewing lesson plans for next week so I'm ready to roll with school again. Re-organizing and evaluating my inventory in order to reopen my ETSY and EBay stores. Preparing for taxes (ick). Putting the final touches on decorating a little nook at church (long overdue- it's quite ridiculous). Making lists of necessities required in closets and cupboards & such. Doctor appointments. The list goes on and on.

I could be overwhelmed and stressed- but I prefer to tackle it a bit at a time.I've always been a sucker for TO DO lists. It's SO satisfying to cross things off once accomplished! I know I've talked about this more than once- so I'll let it go at that.

Here are a few bits & bobs of fun & lovliness. Can't have a post without pics...it just isn't right!

I'd *love* a mixture of tortoise & white pearl handled silverware.

from a few seasons ago, Diesel. Love the retro glamour. Red lips and feathers top it off!

also from a few seasons ago, Ses Petit Mains. PURE lovliness for the littles.

I *heart* this Macy's ad!! The colors. The collage of product. SO fun to look at!

lastly...these stockings. Aren't they beautiful?!?
Can't remember where I found this image...I want to say a book. Handknit Christmas or something??? sorry...


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