Christmas. Days 11 & 12.

It's About GIVING...

I love this season. The nostalgia it envokes. The re-emergence of family ornaments & decorations. Making delicious food and desserts. Finding just the right things for those loved ones. Watching the excitement of my children as they envision what this year's festivities will be like. Reading holiday books. Watching Christmas classics. Listening to holiday music all. day. long. Church fellowship. Kids Christmas programs. The re-telling of the Nativity story. Those are all lovely, lovely things.

But this year- my kidlets learned the importance of giving to others. Especially those in need. We've discussed this with them before. We've donated toys and food before. But this week they got to actively participate in helping others. Our Homeschol co-op visited our church food bank on Thursday. They learned how the bank helps the local community every week and how it's done. Then they helped by packing boxes of food together to be distributed the next day. It was great to see them work together diligently for the good of others. And at this time of year- when many kids are compiling their lists of wishes and we hear " I want", "I want" so very often... it warmed my heart to hear my kids talk excitedly on the way home- wondering what family would pick "their" boxes and asking if they could go work at the food bank EVERY day.



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Christy said...

This makes my heart so happy. This is what it's all about right here. ;)