Blessings & Prayers.

A homeschool blogger I visit on occasion was seriously injured recently & although she is home, she will be in the recovery phase for a while... it's a strange sensation to have the emotion I do for someone I've yet to meet (although she's local, so I hope to some day!). Perhaps it's because I've been in a similar situation only a few years ago and realize the mental/emotional whirlwind that occurs within seconds of being placed there. Perhaps also, because she's a sister in Christ and I feel the instant need to cover her & her brood in prayer and thank God for sparing her life. She's been an inspiration on a number of levels, but I discovered her blog while hunting down information on Homeschooling. After reading her blog a while, I realized she was a kindred spirit with many similar interests. And here she is, inspiring me again- with her posts following injury. Kindred spirit, indeed.


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