What is better than a breakfast of poached eggs and toast with strong coffee?! Not much, according to my crew. Well. The "crew" prefers Peach SunnyD on the side vs. coffee. That's ok- more java for me. The photo isn't mine...it's from FLICKR. We ate ours before I thought to capture it. What did YOU have for breakfast?



Here's something else I found yummy and refreshing. enjoy!


Christy said...

Oooh, YUM! I can't even remember the last time I had poached eggs on toast. This morning I had my same ol' boring multi-grain bagel with strawberries. Tomorrow will be a bit more exciting (and naughty, lol)... taking the girls to KK's. ;)
xoxo, C

Christy said...

Hi sweets! Just wanted to let you guys know that we're praying hard for Bob. Also, I wanted to apologize for the other night over the phone... you just caught me off guard. Plus, the girls were causing quite a comotion in the background and my ADD got the better of me, lol! I got off the phone and was like, "she must thing I'm a total retard!", lol! Anyway, know that we're praying and thinkin' of you guys LOTS. I'll call you soon. LOVE YOU!!!