I saw a preview for JUNO once and thought it looked depressing.
A ficitional depiction of an increasingly frequent "norm" in our society.
I wasn't interested in seeing it.
And then I kept hearing how fabulous it was. Everyone, Everywhere! "Amazing. Brilliant. Touching. A Classic!, etc.etc."
So I rented it. To check out what the hype was about.
And it was indeed a touching fictional depiction of an increasingly freqent "norm" in our society.
Touching because it's a sorry situation. And it happens all the time these days. And here's a movie all about it.
It grieved me.
Sure everything turned out as best as could be expected in the situation-- but still....
The soundtrack was fun and whimsical.
There was occasional witty dialogue.
But overall?

I think I'm the lone ranger who found it depressing and sad & wish I hadn't wasted my time to check the hype.
oh well.



Christy said...

Really? Awww, I'm sorry you didn't care much for it... I guess you can still be my friend, lol!

For me though, the movie was rich beyond the comedy. I just appreciated the unconditional love the film depicted on all levels. I can’t wait to own the DVD!

Sue said...

I agree Sarah. Sorry Christy. :) <3

I really did not like it at all. I was glad it all turned out well but I felt like it was not a good one for me.