We're home.
Spent almost the whole week at the hospital & we're SO thankful to be in our own digs again.
Robert's surgery went well and he's now slowly recovering. It will be a bit of a wait to see if the surgery was ultimately successful- we'll keep everyone posted.
Right now it's much sleep and laundry.
I'm so happy to be home doing LAUNDRY!!

The kids had fun with family while Robert and I were away.
Lots of playing with cousins!

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and thoughts!


Christy said...

"I'm so happy to be home doing LAUNDRY!!"... you will NEVER hear those words from my mouth, lol! So glad his surgery went well. If there's anything I can do - even though we're miles apart - don't hesitate to ask. Praying and thinking of guys LOTS! Love you sweets.

Joy Madison said...

praying for you guys, and especially your guy...