Miss Kaylee.

As in.. little Miss Kaylee.
As in..we miss Kaylee.

Today is Miss Kaylee's birthday!
And since we didn't have our act together and get a card out in time- we'll do it Blog style!

She's dear to our family, but especially Josie. She considers Kaylee to be one of her best friends and misses her a LOT. She talks about her all the time, wishes that she was her sister or maybe if only we were neighbors (hmmm. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it, C? *laugh*). Their personalities are VERY similar..like two peas in a pod, those two.

The last time we were in Cali they were in HEAVEN. Heck, who am I kidding... I was in heaven! Getting to hang out with one of my best friends in the entire world and her fam for two weeks was FANTASTIC! Watching the kids get along so well was such a cool thing. And Kaylee & Josie were pretty much inseperable. We ended our trip at Disneyland together, and when we parted ways outside the park there were many tears. Most came from Kaylee & Josie. Josie was crying the whole way back to the hotel and wailing "Why can't we live here? I don't want to leave Kaylee! I already miss her soooo muuuuchhhhh" And after sharing some texts with Christy, their tram ride was pretty much the same with Kaylee!

We've all been longing to see our dear friends again..wistful to be in the California sunshine and the happiness of the sand, surf & Disneyland, but most of all..the ability to enjoy all of those things with THEM is what makes it the best!

Here are some shots from our last trip. 
Can't wait to take NEW ones!!








We sure love you BUNCHES!!!!
Not sure if we'll get down there this Summer but I hope so! We'll see.
Until then, I'll look at these pictures because they never fail to make me smile!



kate said...

So cute! I love those pictures! The last ones look like a Garnet Hill shoot. So sweet.

Christy said...

Awww...such a SWEET post, girlie!!!! :) The pictures are perfect...makes my heart swell! We've been missin' you guys too...in fact, just yesterday Maddie was snuggling with Ken on the sofa and said: "dad, you know who I REALLY miss...Bob and Sarah and Matthew and Josie! We have SOOOOOO much fun when we're all together...I really more than anything wish that we all lived together"! No lie. :) And don't EVEN get ME started...I really, really, really, really miss you. Like, a lot. I love you to the moon and back. :) xoxo

Christy said...

P.S. I will let Kaylee read this in the am (she's sawing logs at the moment)...I know she's going to love it just as much as I do! Love you muches! xo

Kaylee said...

This is so cool! The funniest part is when you posted saying all the kids are crying when we left especially me and Josie. When you guys came it was a blast! I hope we can see you again.

PS that was from Kaylee!

pakosta said...

so very sweet!!!
happy birthday to kaylee!