it's been a pretty good day.

bicycle planter @ my mom&dads

The weather was dreary.
cold. blustery. rainy.
the perfect day to stay at home & in your pj's.

But today was library day-- so we donned our coats w/hoods and drove downtown.

The next best thing to being home in pj's on a rainy day, is a huge library full of good books waiting to be plucked from their shelves & savored.

We left with two huge stacks...

local schoolyard--the trees look like they're a line of fire!

This trip was solely to replenish the kids seasonal basket of reading.
We returned all books pertaining to Fall, Back to School, falling leaves,etc.
We kept a few Thanksgiving ones, but we've officially turned the basket into a Winter one.
I'm eager to dig in, with the kidlets- nestled into the couch w/quilts and cocoa!

We've had a break in our background music during the day, from Classical to Christmas!

It's officially on the brain-- Christmas, snow, higher ingestion of hot coffee,cider, cocoa & tea & homemade sweets; sweaters, scarves and hats- LOTS of 'em! Quilts. Traditions being recalled & shared with a younger generation. Thoughtful planning in blessings others. It's all so yummy!

Got a new BODEN catalog & READY MADE mag in the mail. MORE yumminess!

Breakfast dinner...pancakes & bacon. mmmm.

Freshly bathed kidlets tucked into bed at a decent hour. mmmmm mmm good.

Survivor, Grey's & CSI on tonite w/Cheezits & Diet Dr.Pepper. MOORRRRRRRE yumminess!

Can I PLEASE have a re-run tomorrow???

Oh right! I *am*!

We're taking the day off school except for an afternoon of reading. Then later it's a night of fellowship, flower arranging & scrapbooking with girlfriends for me!

ooooh how I needed this. yes indeedy.
Here's hoping YOU have a fab Friday yourself!


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Christy said...

Hi sweet girl! So fun to catch up with you. You've been busy with so much fun stuff! These pics are absolutely wonderful! Oh how I crave to live someplace where there is such a thing as seasons. I'm still hopeful I'll get my wish someday... sigh. ;)
Love you,