Grocery Gaming...

I think I'm loving it & I've only just begun to "play"!
A girlfriend told me about this a while ago and shared her own success- which completely intrigued me. So I visited the site (click on the post title to visit yourself!)and read, read, read all the information and testimonials. Then I joined the 3 week free trial so I could try it firsthand. I haven't done any MAJOR grocery shopping utilizing this yet- just a few small trips for specific items, but each one was VERY successful. I've been stockpiling coupons for several weeks and can't wait to do our monthly grocery shopping in a few weeks.

Last week I saved 50% off my Safeway bill by using coupons on top of sale prices.
Today I went to Target and bought 3 packages of my favorite coffee (Dunkin Donuts) that was on sale for $5.99 (reg.$7.99 ea) per package. On top of the sale price, if you purchased 3 pkg.s you would earn a $5 Target gift card. So I went through my stockpile and found coupons I'd been saving and discovered I had (3) $2 off coupons! So I was able to purchase the coffee for $3.99 each AND received a $5 gift card! I used the gift card to purchase a double pack of TP that was on sale (plus a coupon I had to save even more) and some dish detergent (with a coupon) so I left with 29 cents still on my gift card!
The hubster was amused at my excitement over the successful transactions...I wanted to find more right away!

If you're on a tight budget or just love making the most of your money and filling your cupboards- try it! And if you do, please use my name/email as your referral. I earn a few free weeks of lists that way. And let me know if you try it! I love bargain stories!!!


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Travel Delight said...

We are all on a tight budjet these days. Coupons are good things! How is excellent Eugene? I'm sitting at work in my ducks hoodie in frozen snowy Ohio.