catch up.

oooh, it's been a LONG time.
We've been busy with day to day things..some fun, some not-so-much.
It's Fall and we're enjoying the change in weather...
Bustin' out the scarves and hats, coats and sweaters.
Fall leaves falling from trees, gorgeous array of color.
LOTS of rain.
Forecast... lots MORE rain.
Which calls for much soup & roll consumption.

We had Hannah Montana and The Hulk in the house around Halloween.
We were a bit starstruck by their greatness.

Nanny came and spent a day with us not too long ago.
It was a lovely time that went much too fast.
Josie has been wanting to learn how to knit for a very long time, so Nanny brought some supplies and took some time to show her the ropes. er. skeins?
Although she LOVED it and has attempted a little more on her own- I think it will be another year or two before she takes off.
Her attention span wanes a little too quickly right now.
Still. It was fun to watch her interest in something crafty.

More to come soon.
LOTS more pics to share & little tidbits to update you on our recent activities,etc.



Christy said...

YAY! Sarah's back! (Not like I'm one to talk, lol!) And with CUTE Halloween pics! LOVE seeing those! Miss you and thinking about you ALOT... need to connect soon. Love you! C.

kate said...

I'm doing a happy dance! No more stalking. Love you sis!