These have been sitting on my computer for a while..just little things that make my heart pitter patter.
I'm HORRIBLE at documenting where I found things...so just don't even ask..sorry!
I need to remedy that so I can give credit & links...next swoon pics will have that, mmkay?

Classic Salt Water Sandals in red. For me.
Of course I'd love to have a pair in navy, white and red for Josie- they're timeless & hold up so well!
But I love them for myself too. I wore my last pair for several years until they literally started falling apart; even then I had a hard time letting them go.


this pic is so stinkin' TINY! What happened, I do not know. No do-overs. I'm feeling far too lazy for that. Just trust me (or get out your handy dandy monocle.)..it's VERY cute. I was just prowling the web one night for wardrobe ideas for shooting weddings. Necklines can be tricky when you're going to be stooping, bending and leeeeaaaning (seen While You Were Sleeping?? If not, fuggedaboudit). This seemed like it would fit the bill. Picture over black fitted jeans & boots. I *think* I found this on the FREE PEOPLE website..which is gob FULL of fabulous goodies. LOVE that place. The textures and draping are very inspiring.


Beautious orange clog heels. How I love thee.


This necklace is from Anthropologie. I've loved it from the first moment I laid eyes on it. They've been sold out for a long, long time. There's always Ebay. someday. In fact, I think I swiped this pic off Ebay. Sorry, sweetest sins boutique (and btw- I don't like the name of the boutique, nor am I promoting it.)


Clog boots.
Shoes. Love. Boots. Looking to find a good pair to love. Clogs? Uber-love.


Spent the majority of today looking for a nice, clean hotel close to Disneyland for our vacation in a few weeks time.
FINALLY found one with hundreds of positive reviews. Photos of newly revamped rooms. Close to the park with shuttle service. Pool for the littles. Flat Screen for the hubster. Free hot breakfast every morning for me. Yay!

Gotta go.. when it comes to watching Project Runway, multi-tasking becomes impossible for me.



Anonymous said...

seriously, no SERIOUSLY now we have to make this tonight...Jen,Mike & Kids!

"m" said...

Hey Sweetie,
Have you seen those ancestry.com commercials where an adventurous present day person finds out their ancestor was a circus high-wire performer, etc? Well, it should come as no shock that with all of us and our "shoe-LOvE" that the immigration ship registry shows that your great great great grandpa was listed as a shoemaker from Germany. ;<)