Tetris Live!

We're moved and settling in. Still living amongst numerous boxes- I've been jokingly calling it "live Tetris"...need to get into that corner over there? Pick up those 3 boxes and shift them to the right, on top of that other one. Break one box down after unpacking... you get the idea. lol. It's moving along at a snails pace, but that's rather how I like it right now. I'm sure one day soon I'm going to wake up and say "This is driving me CRAZY!" and go bonkers unpacking all day long. But that hasn't happened yet and until that day, I'm just fine with Tetris living. I'd much rather take my time and take lots of breaks and watch these two turn into little fish. MUCH more fun.

They're loving the change and embracing it all whole-heartedly, which makes it easier. The hubster is giddy as a schoolboy with the fact he's a whopping 5 minutes (if that) from work. He's able to come home and have lunch with us, swim with the kids and head back to work. Then he gets home around 4pm and has the rest of the afternoon/evening with us. SO nice and such a change of pace!
We started our homeschooling this week and it's been going well. Monday, we eased into it. Some reading, some copywork, some review worksheets and we played a new card game to practice some logic and math skills. Tuesday we had our first field trip with our co-op. We all headed to the zoo in Portland and it was a wonderful day. Perfect weather, company and the kids are at a prime age of interest in animals and the hands-on portions scattered throughout. Wednesday we did school and then in the afternoon we headed to the library to get our cards and left with a mountain of books. It was refreshing to go in with my list and come out with all but one! In the past I've had to special order books because our small-town library didn't have room or funding to carry much. That's changing in the near future however, and I'm thrilled for everyone who lives there...it's been much needed and desired. Perhaps in a few years I'll be back to take advantage of it myself (here's hoping!). After the library, we headed to Sonic for Jr.Banana Splits as a treat and then home to the pool to cool off further! Thursday was pretty quiet and spent at home and we take Fridays off, so there's our first week!
Well, I'll update again soon. Hopefully will be back into the normal swing of things before too long and have more interesting things to share!

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Christy said...

Yay! You're back... and with pics no less! You've been missed my friend. I'm so excited to see the rest of your new pad. Hint, hint, lol! And I'm excited for a new season for you deary. Sounds like things are finally looking up for you guys and my heart couldn't be happier. Oh, and I'm jealous of your pool... luckKYYYY (ala Napoleon D.) ;)
Lots and lots of love,