Quiet Sunday

It's been a beautiful Fall weekend here- sunny but very crisp & cold outside. Every Fall day should be like this! 

Despite the lovely weather I've been feeling a little down- just many things on my mind, twice as many things I'd like to accomplish and dallop a nice dose of daily "situations" (school drama, job drama, kid drama, health drama, pet drama, house drama.... I think that covers it nicely).  Trying to let go & just vent at (aka cry, whine, wonder, yell) AND trust the Man Upstairs. I know from experience that He knows what's best for me & my family. That He allows circumstances to occur in order to stretch us in character & lean on Him. I get it. I appreciate it when I stop to think of it that way. However...I'm human. And I do have my moments where I just wonder WHY and HOW LONG must I endure versus live a little more peacefully. Don't we all have those moments?? (This is where you reassure me versus tsk tsk for losing it).

I've admittedly wallowed in it a little this weekend. And while wallowing I've indulged in a lot of coffee, tea, Hallmark Christmas movies & my beloved back issues of Nov/Dec DOMINO, COTTAGE LIVING, and BLUEPRINT. Had a couple taquitos for brunch. With more coffee. And it has done my soul good. I have done very little beyond that. And I'm okay with it. 

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But after some quiet time this morning, I got rolling with writing down some thoughts and ideas. Got some laundry going. Did some dishes. Put together a new batch of homemade holiday air freshener to simmer on the stove. I have the Food Network's LIVE THANKSGIVING on for company...it's amusing to see Bobby Flay, Giada, Ina Gartin & Alton Brown interrupt each other. 

 photo FN_TL13-thanksgiving-live-02_s4x3_lg_zps18c65e19.jpg  

I'm officially done wallowing for now. It happens. I'm done. Now it's time to gear up for the week ahead, which includes work, the husbands knee scope surgery & recoop, Thanksgiving & Christmas decorating! Overall I'm looking forward to it all. The kids are on Thanksgiving break (lucky ducks!) and the husband is off due to his surgery & will be laid up the majority of the time. I work a few days this week but it should go quickly. 

Pulling the Christmas bins up this evening to get the ball rolling on making the house LOOK as festive as it smells right now. And yes, I'll be watching another Hallmark movie while I do it. All that's missing is EGGNOG! I must pick that up tomorrow...

In case you're wondering about the homemade air freshener here's how I do it. Its VERY easy and smells amazing. I don't use any oils in mine (that WOULD make it a bit more fragrant but you'd also need a dedicated pan with that method) yet the fragrance still makes its way throughout the house in no time and in NOT using the oils I'm able to grab a little saucepan in the kitchen.

Take a small saucepan and fill 3/4 full with water. Toss in either a cut up orange or if you're pushing oranges on your kids to boost their Vit.C like I am, take their rinds and toss 'em in.
 photo 004_zpsc7708596.jpg 

I then sprinkle in a good amount of Allspice..no measurements..just whatever feels right.

   photo 008_zpsb2bdbad0.jpg

Then pour in some vanilla. Not a ton. Just a couple tablespoons maybe. And yes..I went a little crazy with the allspice and tossed it all over the stove...

 photo 012_zpsc8f5dd75.jpg

Then I put 2-3 cinnamon sticks and a pinch or two of cloves  & stir it up.

 photo 014_zps45d1772a.jpg

 photo 015_zps8bbbac10.jpg

Bring this to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.  Keep it going ALL day & don't forget to check it now and then to add water (or a splash of orange juice!). 

 photo 017_zpsaaa8c1d3.jpg

I'm able to use a batch for a couple days before it gets a little funky. Then toss and throw in a new batch!

We did some other fun things this weekend too. Found some Christmas wrap, got books from the library and went to see CATCHING FIRE as a family. It was very well done!

 photo 023_zps3ad5b550.jpg

 photo 020_zpsbdbae723.jpg

 And now, I'm off to pack away the Fall decor and grab another Christmas bin! 


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