Fall 2013

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We had a few crazy storms this September.  One afternoon we watched the street fill, and the sidewalks disappear in a matter of minutes.  The winds pounded the Summer dust right off the windows and blew down a portion of our backyard fence as well.  Several thunder & lightening storms occurred as well- which we enjoyed!  We don't get those very often in the Pacific Northwest, so when they happen they're a bit of a novelty!

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Our house sits up off the street so we didn't think we had much to worry about...until we went out to the garage, where we discovered water pouring in under our back door from the backyard. Lovely. Especially considering our garage is still full of boxes yet to be unpacked. Then we ventured out into the backyard and found that the gutter was blocked on the corner, and water was hitting the gutter and bouncing out- hitting the ground two stories below so hard that it was throwing mud up onto the side of the house. So FUN! 

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The stormy days meant lots of coffee, cocoa & cider. Stormy weather & warm drinks in mugs go hand in hand, don't they?

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And on those stormy, wet days we all find things that we cozy up and enjoy doing.. reading, watching movies, playing games...

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Probably should've spent more time tackling these boxes that still abound but...nah. They'll keep.

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Here's a few more random shots from around the house...

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 In October, Josie had a birthday party to attend at Bauman Farms.  We had not visited there before but I now plan for us to return as a family to enjoy it. I took a stroll through their garden area before we left. SO beautiful!

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Gorgeous, yes??
I loved all of the succulents and the planters. Beautiful.

'til next time...(whenever that may be)

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