1st post of January '10

I can't believe we're 5 days into the new year already... it seems the days are already blurring into one another. yeesh. I'd grown a bit slack about posting on here- so I'm going to try & post a bit more regularly (we shall see!). Even if it's a bit rambly and disjointed, like this post!

We're attempting to get back into the "norm". It's been difficult- during the holiday break we were staying up into the wee hours- and then sleeping late the next morning everyday. So readjusting our sleep schedule, plodding sleepily along for the first few hours (LOTS of coffee!), some attitudes in dire need of adjustment. Not exactly a lovely way to start a new year, is it? *laugh* We're making progress, however.

Here's a family member that looks rather melancholy most of the time, (after holiday or not) when he's awake. He's usually tucked into a corner or curled up beside someone sawing logs. You know when he's REALLY unhappy or upset because his ears pull waaaayyyy down and his typicaly curled up tail straightens out and hangs low. It's his "tell" when he's been naughty as well.

our mops

We recently watched Lethal Weapon (WITH our handy,dandy CLEARPLAY player of course!) with the kids and they were amused by the fashion choices but mostly- they zoned in on how different the Pepsi cans looked. We were cracking up (as were they) over them being weirded out by such a silly thing. Then we're picking up a few things at Walmart and I spy this & had to bring some home to share with the littles...

retro revival

One thing I was able to accomplish over the holiday break was sorting through all of our clothes closets & drawers. The littles drawers were out of control. I found size 6 unmentionables in my sons drawer (he's 10!)...gulp. We're all squared away in the clothes department now, which is a nice feeling. Speaking of clothes.... been wearing my beloved green peacoat any chance I can get. I should've bought another to put away after I wear this one out! Check out that rogue brassy curl...(aarg.)

January 1

Another thing I wanted to get done was finally put some prints on the wall. And they were up BEFORE the New Year (bonus!). Yes, that IS wonky spacing you see there- but there were nails up from previous hangings of different sizes. I wasn't about to mess with it at the time-- I was too happy to cross it off the TO DO list. I'll fix it later (well. maybe). Oh, and that little black speck above the top right pic....that's a spider. He was there one minute and gone the next, just stopping in for his 15 seconds of fame.

prints on wall FINALLY

So I'd like to think I've got a head start on some things I've had lined up to get done in January. There's still much to do. And when I get discouraged or lazy- I simply need to watch an episode of HOARDERS and I'm back on the straight and narrow! My goodness, that show causes instant OCD for me. I start looking around the house and finding stacks of things and breaking out in a sweat, anxious to get it cleaned up. Thus, my office has caused a bit of whimpering. I've got quite a bit of Ebay inventory that needs moved- just stacked in there in bins, willynilly. It's a sight. And then there's the crafting table next to it...we just won't describe it. Use your imagination and multiply by 10 and you'll be in the ballpark, I'm sure. So my HUGE goal for January is to tackle that.

What's your mission for January?? Come on, I know you have one!



Knoxville Senior Portraits said...

love the prints!
i went thru all the drawers too felt so good. couldn't believe I moved that stuff across the country three yrs ago LOL

happy new year!!!!

Julee said...

Loved this post! Sounds like you are describing MY ebay room, I need to organize things in the WORST way! :) Love the picture of you too, you look beautiful, like always!
Happy New Year, thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

Christy said...

LOVE the photos/frames...and I think the placement looks great! YOU look great! I'm so jealous of your green pea coat...never did find me one. Tear. Oh well. Better luck next year. ;) And uuum, yeah...you could totally be describing OUR office. It seriously looks as if a bomb went off. No joke. I started working on it last week. Slowly but surely, I'm determined. Loves you!

Heidi Girl said...

First of all, kudos on the coat, it is truly lovely. Seriously loving the dog picture, I'm not sure why I'm not even a dog person, but that picture calls to me.